Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 5, 2014

Backyard Bee Count

Many of us are aware of bird counts and may have participated in backyard bird counts. Did you know this is also a backyard bee count. The Backyard Bee Count is the world’s largest citizen science project focused on pollinator conservation.

People all over the country are collecting data on bee pollination in their yards, gardens, schools and parks. You take 15-minute counts of the number and types of bee visiting your garden. Information has been gathered on pollinator service since 2008, and now there is the  largest single body of information about bee pollinator service in North America. Thanks to our thousands of observers, it can be determined where pollinator service is strong or weak compared to averages.

Over the past few years, scientific studies have suggested that both honey bee and native bee populations are in trouble. What is not known is how this is affecting pollination of our gardens, crops and wild lands. In 2008, this project started as a way to gather information about our urban, suburban and rural bee populations and to give you the tools to learn about what is happening with the pollinators in your yard.

You can participate by taking 15 minutes out of your day to count the bees that visit your garden.

To take part and learn more go to Backyard Bee Count.



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