Posted by: Sandy Steinman | January 10, 2014

Looking For A Feeding Frenzy

Today we went birding in Marin County hoping to find a feeding frenzy. There have been a number of reports about a good herring run this year. There are articles in the SF Chronicle and Bay Nature as well as reports on the North Bay Yahoo bird discussion group.

Our first stop was just over the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge where we explored the bay both north and south of the Marin Rod and Gun Club as there has been recent reports of large numbers of birds. We did see large numbers of  scaup, gulls, wigeons, mallards and bufflehead, but most were just swimming or roosting; no wild feeding. We saw 17 species in total. It was also good for photography as some of the birds were close and they were front lit. Marin Rod and Gun Club Bird List 1/10/14

Next we went to the Richardson Bay Audubon Center. There were many less birds here, but after a while some flocks of shorebirds came in. We did get to see at least 20 species (couldn’t identify which scaup as they were too far out and probably missed some of the shorebirds as they were a large mixed group and weren’t very close). Richardson Bay Audubon Center Bird List 1/10/14

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  1. Do the birds usually have a cocktail before dining on herring roe appetizers?


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