Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 27, 2013

Rim Fire Updates, Giant Sequoias and Ecological Damage

The most recent Rim Fire Incident Report  (7:50 AM this morning. ) says the fire is now 179,481 acres and 20% contained. You can follow the fire’s incident reports at:

The LA Times has a story on the ecological damage that is likely from the rim fire. The fire is taking out large patches of forest that include old growth trees (not Giant Sequoias at this time), nesting habitat for Spotted Owls and  Goshawks and large patches of mountain chaparral. Read more at: Rim fire taking ecological toll over thousands of acres –

National Geographic  has an article on how Giant Sequoias survive fires. The author of the article says that older Giant Sequoias are able to survive very hot fires. The fire has not reached the two Giant Sequoia groves in the park at this time and they do not seem in immediate danger. Read more at: How Sequoias Survive Wildfires.

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