Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 23, 2013

French “Lights Out” Ordinance Benefits Wildlife

Environmental News Network reports that France is implementing one of the world’smost comprehensive “lights out” ordinances. It includes

  • turning off shop lights between 1 a.m. to 7 a.m.,
  • shutting off lights inside office buildings within an hour of workers leaving the premises
  • waiting only until sunset before turning lights on, on building facades.

Benefits of the ordinance include:

  • cut carbon dioxide emissions by 250,000 tons per year, conserve energy consumption, and cut the country’s overall energy bill by 200 million Euros ($266 million).
  • a reduction in the disruption of natural patterns of light and dark, and thus the structures and functions of ecosystems, is having profound impacts.
  • less disruption of  patterns of mating, migration, feeding, and pollination, (leatherback turtles,birds, bats, moths, and even salmon, are affected by man-made light)
  • improved star-gazing for astronomers and the public

Read more at:  Wildlife and Habitat Conservation News: Light Ordinance in France has Benefits for Wildlife.

August 15 through November 30  is lights out in North America  as well for fall migration. For more information go to:   Lights Out for Birds | Golden Gate Audubon Society.


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    I hope many cities and towns participate in “Lights Out” this fall in North America.


  3. We need more of this in the U.S.


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