Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 23, 2013

UK Birdfair 2013 – 16th – 18th August, Egleton, Rutland

This year’s Birdfair is August 16 to 18 in Egleton Rutland in the UK. The British Birdwatching Fair is jointly organised by the Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. There are lectures, cruises and exhibits.

This year’s Birdfair will continue supporting BirdLife International’s Flyways Programme, but will focus specifically on the Americas. We will raise funds to support conservation efforts to protect birds which breed in the prairies and other grasslands in North America but winter south in the pampas grasslands of South America.

Birdfair encompasses the whole spectrum of the birdwatching industry whilst at the same time supporting global bird conservation.  A wide range of fantastic conservation projects have been supported by the Birdfair. See this article for more information: March2013 p14_16Grasslands

There are hundreds of stands selling the latest products for wildlife enthusiasts. You’ll find everything, from scopes to sculptures, binoculars to bird food, eGuides to eco-holidays!

For more information and registration go to:  Birdfair 2013 – 16th – 18th August, Egleton, Rutland.



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