Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 19, 2013

Owens Lake Big Day Record

Audublog reported that the sixth annual Owens Lake Big Day set a new record by A LOT. This year 114,999 birds were counted which left the record set last year of 75,000 in the dust. There were especially a lot of shorebirds this year including 20 species and a total 65,524 shorebirds. 15,500 Eared Grebes were counted this year.

Although the total number of birds counted ha sbeen  increasing, the number of species counted has declined. It is believed this is due to the habitats created on the lake as a result of dust control have matured and are more suitable for some species but not others.

Read more Audublog ~ 120,000 birds on the table at Owens Lake.

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