Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 21, 2013

Skyline Serpentine Prairie Wildflower Report 4/21/13

Today I went to Skyline Serpentine Prairie which is in Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, CA   It is a restoration and protected area.   This is the forth year in a row that I have visited at this time and it was by far the driest and  least flowery.  We identified seventeen species in bloom (including a couple of introduced flowers). Most of the area is protected by fence, but there are some flowers outside the fences, which allow for close-up photography.

It was very bright and sunny so the best bets for photos were close-ups with a diffuser or back-lit flowers.  The most dominant flowers were Goldfields and California Poppy. There were some very small displays, but the grasses have grown quite a bit around them.

I was also able to identify nine bird species but heard and saw more. The most interesting birds today were the Western Bluebirds and Tree Swallows.

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Skyline Serpentine Prairie Plant List for 4/21/13:

Goldfields/Lathenia californica
Blue-eyed Grass/Sisyrinchium bellum
Cream Cups/Platystemon californicus
Lomatium/Lomatium sp.
Yarrow/Achillea millefolium
California Lotus/Acmispon wrangelianus
California Buttercups/Ranunculus californicus
California Poppy/Eschscholzia californica
Blue Dicks/Dichelostemma capitatum  ssp. capitatum
Winter Vetch  Vicia villos ssp. varia  (introduced)
Baby Blue-eyes/ Nemophila menziesii,
Blue-eyed Grass/Sisrinchium bellum
Shortstem Morning Glory/ Calysteiga subacaulis ssp. subacaulis
Cow Parsnip/ Heracleum lanatum
Longhorn Plectritis/ Plectritis macrocera
Rose Clover/ Trifolium hirtum (introduced)
Blue Elderberry/ Sambucus mexicana

Skyline Serpentine Prairie Bird List for 4/21/13:

Red-tail Hawk
Turkey Vulture
Scrub Jay
Western Bluebird
Tree Swallow
Anna’s Hummingbird
Song Sparrow
House Finch

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