Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 2, 2013

Birding And Wildflowers At Black Diamond and Big Break 3/2/13

Today I went on the final field trip to Black Diamond Mines Regional Park and Big Break Regional Shoreline with the Birding by Ear Class with Denise Wight.  Bird song was plentiful at Black Diamond making it an ideal spot for the last field trip.  We had 45 plus species plus an unidentified gull. The top bird of the day was the Canyon Wren. We also got to see an Anna’s Hummingbird nest and Tree Swallow in a bird box. Wildflowers were beginning to bloom.  I saw Paintbrush, Shooting Stars, Lupine, California Poppy, Shooting Star, Wallflower, fruit trees, and many Manzanita and Wild Cucumber flowers. Also seen were a number of Jack Rabbits.

After the trip formally ended most of us went to Big Break Regional Shoreline where we had 40 species. Also seen were muskrats and a turtle.  I left after about an hour but some of the group continued birding so no doubt even more species were seen. Bird lists below:

Black Diamond Mines Bird List 3/2/13

Big Break Regional Shoreline Bird List 3/2/13

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