Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 17, 2013

Texas Wildflower Report 2/17/13

Gary Regner Photography posted a new Texas wildflower update

February 17, 2013 – Early Spring in February?

Very unseasonably warm temperatures over the last several weeks have caused many trees to start putting on spring foliage, and redbuds in the Austin area are already starting to bloom. This could beacon an early start for annual wildflowers as well, but as of today none have been spotted yet. Rain will still be a major factor this year with much of the state facing drought once again. A repeat of the bloom in 2012 is unlikely, but there is hope it will be better than 2011.

Follow all of his reports at: Texas Wildflower Sightings Report : Texas Wildflower Hot Spots and Pictures by Gary Regner Photography.


Texas Wildflower Sightings has a new website Wild  About Wildflowers which has postings for wildflowers all around Texas. Here are the two most recent reports. Go to the site for photos and older reports:

  • Austin(The Lakes Blvd. at Northtown Blvd.)Several huisache trees (Acacia farnesiana) have begun blossoming. The flowers of this species are numerous and have a wonderful scent. 2/16/13
  • Houston (Aldine Westfield Road, Humble, Tx): Although not technically “wild” the bluebonnets at Mercer Gardens on the North side of Houston are blooming both blue and pink. If the weather stays warm they will probably be full out in a week or so. 2/14/13

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