Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 25, 2012

Inyo National Forest Fall Color Update 10/24/12

Inyo National Forest posted the a new Fall Color Report for 10/24/12.

The Inyo National Forest has wonderful displays of fall colors from late September through the month of October. The glacier carved canyons adjacent to US Highway 395 are home to colorful aspen groves which provide an impressive contrast with rich green pine forests and dramatic granite walls.

Winter is approaching in the Eastern Sierra, with the first significant snow storm of the season occurring early this week. Gusty winds over the Sierra crest did knock down the dried leaves located at higher elevations, however, the forecast for this weekend calls for sunny skies and near normal temperatures. Conditions will be perfect for a visit to the Inyo National Forest this weekend.

In general, aspen groves and willows, around 7,500 feet to 8,000 feet, are still producing a fine display. The canyons, from Lundy in the north to Bishop Creek in the south, have nice displays at their mouths. Trees above 8,000 feet have lost most of their leaves. Due to a dry spring and summer, peak shows are relatively short in duration (5 to 7 days)

This weekend, the June Lake Loop (west on SR 158) will continue to be a great show of fall foliage. The combination of water, trees and now a touch of snow, is tough to beat for photographic qualities. This loop of the “California’s Alps” is beautiful year round, but especially stunning in the fall.

Trees near the community of Crowley Lake are in full show of yellow to gold, with a splash of orange.

Bishop Creek continues to produce beautiful photographic opportunities. Check the areas around Aspendell and the south fork of Bishop Creek near Bishop Creek Lodge.




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