Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 14, 2012

Hope Valley and Beyond Fall Color Report 10/13/12

There is a new posting for Hope Valley Area and adjourning areas for 10/13/12 at  calphoto : Where to photograph in California:

Highway 50 and 89 down close to the 88 junction (it was dark before I got there). The Oregon maples are doing a good job. There were quite a few that were yellow, some orange/red ones and many drying.

Once you get to El Dorado NF on 50, if you slow down, park at the turn outs/pull outs and climb down where it is safe, you can get some really good colors.

Bridal Veil Falls has good water flow for this time of year, perhaps from the recent rains. There were quite a few dead maple leaves at the waterfall base, making for good photography.

Near the Donner Pass road, most of the trees seemed to have yellowed, though I spotted a couple of reds and oranges.

Along 89 from the 50 turn off, most colors are now yellow, though they are bright and nice. I was slow getting towards 88, so sunset got to me before I got all the way. The West Meadow has good yellows. The other meadow near the junction (it is the big famous one), had yellow colors, but with the red Riparian plants and greens mixed in with yellows, made for good sunset work. All the trees along the road seem to be yellow though. There were a couple of oranges and reds here and there.

To see all of the fall color posts at the Calphoto Yahoo group go to: calphoto : Where to photograph in California

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