Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 26, 2012

Good News For Marine Wilderness: Bad News For Oyster Farm


The East Bay Express is a recent article, Dianne Feinstein’s Bad Oysters, reported on possible on unsafe health practices by Drakes Bay Oyster Farm.  The East Bay Express reported:

“California public health officials blamed Drakes Bay oysters for a recent outbreak of the bacterium Vibrio parahaemolyticus, which sickened at least three people”

“public records have emerged that link Drakes Bay oysters to widespread illness following last year’s San Francisco Oysterfest at Fort Mason”

The oyster farm has attempted, with the support of Diane Feinstein to get the federal government to extend its lease.  If the lease was to be granted it would block the creation of a marine wilderness off the west coast. The Oyster farm grows 500,000 pounds of non-native oysters, covers native eel grass and may be disturbing seal pups.

Read full story at:  Dianne Feinstein’s Bad Oysters | Eco Watch | The Bay Area Environment Column

and related stories below about the conflict between the Oyster Farm and environmental groups.



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