Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 9, 2012

Lakes Basin Wildflower and Butterfly Report Aug. 2-7

Libby Ingalls submitted the following wildflower, butterfly and ant update for the Lakes Basin:

Lakes Basin is still looking lovely, beautiful rock gardens, damp meadows, and stream-sides full of flowers, at least 50 species.  We hiked throughout the area mainly between 6,000 and 6,800 ft.  There were great fields of Angelica, along with large displays of Wyethia, Bigelow’s Sneezeweed, Castelleja, and Monardella.  Other flowers included various Buckwheats, Helianthella, Pyrola, Ipomopsis, Leopard Lily, various Senecio,  various Mimulus, Potentilla, Sidalcia, Aquilegia, Pine Drops, Rangers’ Buttons, Allium,  Triteleia hyacinthina, various Asters, Spiranthes, Platanthera, and Madia.  There were hundreds of Fritillary Butterflies, along with scattered Mourning Cloaks, Orange Sulphur, and Blues.  Of all the insects, most exciting was seeing the Slave Raiding Ants leaving for their raid at 4 PM, their regular time.  We watched carefully, but they seemed to return empty-handed.

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