Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 26, 2012

Mount Rainier Wildflowers Report Corrected and Updated

Updated and Corrected 7/26/12

Thanks to Jack Mc for catching by error in posting a 2010 report from The News Tribune. My Google search failed me and I didn’t notice or check carefully on the year of  the article. Jack shared a report that  “it’s still early in the wildflower cycle. Glacier lilies and some more but not the color riot yet. At least at Paradise.”

Washington Trails has the following trip reports for Mt. Rainier :Here are 2012 reports:

Summit Lake (July 25): Great hike today, a lot of wildflowers blooming. The erythronium (avalanche lilies)at the top of the trail near the lake are blooming by the 1000’s, along with lupine, bear grass, paintbrush just starting, and dozens of other wildflowers. Trail is in good condition. A few mosquitoes near the lake, but they’re tolerable with a bit of insect spray.

Summit Lake (July 24): Avalanche Lillies and Bear Grass are in fine form, with Lupines just starting. The south facing slopes just before the lake are days from a full on riot of color.

Eagle Peak (July 24): The meadows are just breaking into bloom with all our favorite flowers and so nice to see.

Crystal Lake (July 24): Excellent hike. Wildflowers are out (and still more to bloom), no snow on trail, virtually no bugs, pretty alpine lake at the end.

Washington Trails has many other wildflower and hike reports for areas in Washington at:

Visit Rainier has descriptions of ten wildflower hikes at: The Top 10 Wildflower Hikes Around Mt. Rainier

The NewsTribune  reports that Mt.Rainier Wildflowers are peaking. They quote Tara Callaway, interpretive park ranger

 “It is amazing how much the wildflowers have popped this last week,”  “Everywhere you hike here, there are tons of lupines, paintbrush, bistort, asters, and louseworts.

Recommended wildflower trails are

  • Sunrise: Upper Palisades
  • Mowich: Tolmie Lookout
  • Ohanapecosh: Three Lakes
  • Paradise: Nisqually Vista

Read full report at:  Mount Rainier wildflowers are at their peak | The Adventure Guys – The News Tribune.


  1. Sandy, that link in the Tribune article is dated August 2010. I just talked (7/26) with someone at the park. She seemed only marginally knowledgable but said it’s still early in the wildflower cycle. Glacier lilies and some more but not the color riot yet. At least at Paradise.


    • Thanks for the catching my error. I have made corrections and updated the post with some new information.


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