Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 20, 2012

Insect Photography Tips

The PhotoNaturalist recently had a post on 3 Quick Tips For Photographing Insects. He discusses issues like being careful about shadows, advantages of cool temperature and patience.  He also has a link to a free e-book How to Photograph Dragonflies free eBook! | PhotoNaturalist.

The dragonfly e-book includes:

  • What equipment you’ll need, why you need it, and why even a point-and-shoot camera can be good enough for getting great dragonfly photos
  • How to ensure you get the sharpest photo possible, while finding a good balance between depth of field, aperture and shutter speed
  • How to get a good exposure, and the benefits of certain lighting conditions
  • How to create pleasing compositions of dragonflies
  • Why it’s important to understand the behavior and biology of dragonflies
  • Where to learn more about dragonflies (with a recommended reading list)


  1. Thanks for posting this. I am just starting to shoot macro shots and insects are rapidly becoming my favorite subject. I can use all the tips I can get.


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