Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 28, 2012


update:  one park Providence Mountains SRA, closed for repairs in 2011, will remain closed

Sierra Club California Statement on State Parks Closure Reprieve

SACRAMENTO—Today the Department of Finance released the results of Governor Brown’s consideration and signature of AB 1464, the state budget bill passed by the legislature last week. Through his line-item veto, the governor reduced the new funding assigned by the legislature to the Department of Parks and Recreation from $41 million to $10 million. Despite this reduction, Natural Resources Secretary John Laird said today that the $10 million in funding will be enough–when combined with ongoing efforts by nonprofit organizations, private donors, and local government and other entities to take on responsibility for threatened parks–to avoid closing any of the state parks on July 1. There may be some service reductions, but no closures.

Sierra Club California Director Kathryn Phillips released the following statement: “At last some good news for state parks from the governor’s office. We are delighted that Californians will be able to enjoy summer at all of the incredible parks in the state’s incomparable 278-park system. “But this relatively small amount of funding isn’t enough to make sure we have all of the parks open in the years to come. The park system needs a sustainable, long-term solution. It will require more active, more engaged leadership from the governor for that to happen. “Our founder, John Muir, is often referred to as the father of the national parks system. Our members come by their devotion to parks naturally. We stand ready to help permanently lift any future threat of closures. We look forward to working with the legislature and the governor on a long-term solution.”

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