Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 16, 2012

Vernal Pools In Bloom 4/15/12 updated

The Sacramento Bee reports that the Mather Vernal Pools are in full bloom complete with tiny critters due to the recent rains and will continue into May. There are guided tours the next two Sundays. More more information and to see photos: Vernal pools alive! – Outbound – The Sacramento Bee.

Also at Calphoto there is a report on a recent visit to Jepson Prairie Vernal Pools

“Goldfields were the prevailing flower in bloom, but we also saw one brass button, some field owls clover, yarrow, bicolor lupine and there were Yellow legs and Meadowlarks everywhere.”

See all Calphoto reports at:


  1. By the way, when I was a young child growing up in Brigham City Utah, and Kingsville Texas, we used to play in these “puddles.” Parents always got upset, and now I wonder just how much damage I alone might have caused to our precious vernal pools in those areas.

    We have quite a few areas with vernal pools here in San Diego but the only people who ever enjoy them are the biologists and students, and a few like me who know what they are and the rich wildlife they hold.


  2. The vernal pools here are doing very well since we had a very wet April.


    • Could you share which vernal pools and where are doing well. I think other readers might be interested.


      • The ones I visited in April:
        San Diego National Wildlife Refuge

        Otay Mesa just north of the Mexican border, all along Otay Lakes Road from Hunte Parkway to Campo Road (a distance of about nine miles)

        Mission Trails Regional Park. Start at the south entrance on Mission Gorge Road and walk the whole way to Mission Gorge Road over by State Highway 52. Useful to have someone drop you off at the south entrance and pick you up a few hours later over at SH52.


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