Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 27, 2011

Yosemite Fall Color 10/27/11 has a fall color update for Yosemite from Peter Scott. Some of his highlights are:

“In the high country the few aspens are peaking around Olmsted Point and many streams are lined with bright reds and yellows from alders and other low growing shrubs. The surrounding forests are brightened with yellowish browns and reds of the bracken ferns and other understory. Down in the Valley, many maples and cottonwoods are at their bright yellow peak and the black oaks are not far behind. The dogwoods are just beginning to turn.”

Read his full report at Yosemite fall foliage update

At Yosemite Nature Notes Pete Devine has posted an autumn report for Yosemite Valley. Fall color highlights from his report are:

 “Big-leaf maples put on the biggest color display now, and these bands of yellow highlight their preferred wetter, shady habitat in ways that may not have been apparent all summer. The one sugar maple in Old Yosemite Village turned more yellow than red this year, and the afternoon up-canyon breezes have this tree already about 20% bare now. Black oaks are going brown-yellow but many leaves have dropped from some. Dogwoods are still largely green, but showing their startling pink in places. Black cottonwoods are mostly bare now. The brightest plant in the Valley now is dogbane or Indian hemp (Apocynum)”

Read his full report at: So Autumn


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