Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 31, 2011

Record Number Of Pelican Injuries – Updated 8/31/11

Brown Pelican, Fulton Harbor, Fulton, Texas

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Updated 8/31/11

International Bird Rescue report that there have been a record number of Brown Pelicans injured this year.  The main culprit appears to be fishing lines dangled from piers along the coast.  Most injuries have occurred between Santa Cruz and Monterey.  Read more in the Sacramento Bee  Fishing gear is blamed in record pelican injuries in Northern California

Sea Lions Also Implicated In Pelican Deaths

In the San Luis Obispo area Department of Fish and Game report that sea lions have been responsible for Pelican deaths. Read more at DFG Biologists Determine Cause of Pelican Deaths and Injuries Thanks to John Wall of John Wall’s Natural California for his comment.

Oiled Pelicans In Humboldt County

The Humboldt Wildlife Care Center reports they are finding oiled Pelicans and Gulls.  Read more Oiled Pelicans


  1. Just saw this on the DFG blog: Department of Fish and Game (DFG) biologists say that sea lions are responsible for a number of recent pelican deaths in the San Luis Obispo area.


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