Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 13, 2011

Who Maintains Our Hiking Trails?

It is groups like the American Hiking Society.  As the government funds dry up for our national parks and forests, our wild areas are becoming become more dependent on the efforts of volunteers to maintain trails and provide supportive services to visitors. When hiking out the trail at Rock Creek last week, I met a volunteer group from the American Hiking Society who were building bridges, pruning back encroaching shrubs, clearing debris and improving trail surfaces and drainage.  It is the efforts of groups like this that maintain our trails.  Below is some basic information about the American hiking society from their website. To learn more or to volunteer go to:  American Hiking Society

Policy & Advocacy: American Hiking Society works with Congress and federal agencies to shape public policy and legislation affecting the hiking experience. Our efforts ensure funding for hiking trails, the preservation of natural areas and the protection of the hiking experience. American Hiking’s Hike the Hill: Trails Advocacy Week brings trail leaders to Washington, D.C. each year to advocate for trail funding.

Volunteerism and Stewardship: American Hiking Society organizes and coordinates Volunteer Vacations and National Trails Day® – nationally recognized programs that help keep our trails open, safe and enjoyable. The thousands of volunteers we mobilize and the increased awareness our programs provide have benefited tens of thousands of trail miles. Our National Trails Fund is the only national private grants program that helps trail-maintaining organizations across the United States build and improve hiking trails.

Outreach and Education: American Hiking Society is committed to increasing Americans’ participation in and enjoyment of hiking and conducts outreach through events, resource materials and partnerships with recreation and conservation organizations. Our outreach and support extends to trail groups and hiking clubs through our Alliance of Hiking Organizations.


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