Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 11, 2011

Perseids Meteor Shower Peaks August 13 and 14 – Updated 8/11/11

Updated 8/11/11

National Geographic suggestions for best way to view the Perseids during the full moon:

“Your best chance for spotting the meteors will be to move away from the urban city lights and view meteors in dark rural locations in the early morning hours, when the radiant is highest in your local sky,”

Read full article at National Geographic:  Perseid Meteor Shower to Peak This Weekend: Find out how to see the most meteors despite full moon’s glare.

August 13 and August 14, early in the morning, will be the peak of the 2011 Perseid Meteor Shower. The most meteors are visible in the hours before dawn.Unfortunately, that is also the time of the full moon so this year only the brightest meteors will be visible.  The meteors appear all over the sky and there can be 50 or meteors per hour during the peak (usually that number is visible when only there is not a full moon).

The Perseids start the first week of August but by the second week moonlight will begin to decrease visibility. Best viewing pre-peaks read National Geographic article: “Spectacular” Double Meteor Shower This Week


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