Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 6, 2011

White Mt. Buckwheats

Panamint Mariposa Lily by Sandy Steinman

Today was spent looking for Buckwheats, the genus Eriogonum, with the Bristlecone (Eastern Sierra) Chapter of the California Native Plant Society.  We found eleven or twelve species.

Also seen were the rare Calochortus panamintensis or Panamint Mariposa Lily, Opuntia Cactus in bloom.

Several birds were also noticed including Chukar,

Opuntia Cactus Flower by Sandy Steinman

immature Red-tail Hawk, and Turkey Vulture.

To see a list of species seen today click read more below

Erigonum inflatum

E. fasciculatum var. polifolium

E. heermannii var.humulis

E. deflexum var. baratum

E. umbellatum

E. palmerianum

E. panamintense

E. umbellatum var. versicolor

E. rupinum

E. saxicolor

E. gracilipes

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