Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 20, 2011

Yosemite Wildflower Bloom Updates

Michael Frye  reported on his In the Moment: A Landscape Photography Blog :

“Meanwhile, at lower elevations many flowers are blooming. There are still a few dogwoods in decent shape along Highway 120 between the entrance station and Crane Flat. In Yosemite Valley the cow parsnip and azaleas are just starting to appear. Irises were abundant in El Cap Meadow last Tuesday, but some may have been drowned by high water on Thursday!”

Michael also has a short video of driving along HIghway 120 through the snow and started a Flickr group, of images from Tioga Pass Road this past weekend.

Yosemite Nature Notes reports:

“Walked the west valley loop on Saturday; flowers are looking good: iris in El Cap and Bridalveil Meadows, yellow violets, white Nemophila, Arnica, Senecio, Alumroot, thimbleberry, Linanthus, larkspur near the base of Bridalveil Fall, creek dogwood, Azalea (smells SO good), globe gilia, blue dicks, golden brodeia, silverleaf lotus, Indian paintbrush, pussypaws, catchfly, and more.”

At the California Forum of NaturePhotographers.Net there is a report for Yosemite for 6/20/11 that reports Lupines, Ceanothus, Snow Plants and more at mid elevations.  Read the full report by Paul Duval at :

On June 15 there was a report about Yosemite at Calphoto by Davic Sensac about Lupines in the Foresta/Big Meadow area and other flowers in Yosemite at : and a photo of the Lupine by David Sensac at:

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