Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 19, 2011

Natural History Wanderings Hits 100,000 Page Views

Last weekend Natural History Wanderings reached 100,000 page views. This is in addition to the email subscriptions and followers via RSS feeds.   It feels pretty amazing for  something I just started less than one and half years ago with no great plan or direction.  Natural History Wanderings  just kind of evolved and is still evolving.  My primary goal is to share information about the natural world, especially about what is currently happening, what to see and where to go.  Natural History Wanderings has motivated me to continue to work on my photography, writing and learn more about the natural world.  I find I am often surprised by how much interest there has been in some posts such as the recent Lunar Eclipse in the Eastern Hemisphere or when Sonora and Ebbetts Passes would open.  I have discovered via search engines and international friends, there is even a global following.  I have received nothing but support from people I talk to and from the comments and emails I have received.

If you are not already doing so you might find it easiest to follow Natural History Wandering by RSS Feed RSS – Posts  or emails subscription ( see email subscription box in right Column)

A special thank you to those of you who have submitted postings and comments.    I am an amateur in the study of natural history and photography and make mistakes on a regular basis.    I greatly appreciate corrections, comments and suggestions.  Your contributions have greatly enriched the quality of Natural History Wanderings.  I also strongly  invite readers to send  their own wanderings as they travel through nature (Submitting Your Wanderings).

Thanks again for visiting Natural History Wanderings.


  1. Sandy, I love your blog, it is a great resource for me. I just got back from a hike at the Redwood Regional Park, and I wouldn’t have even known about it if it hadn’t been for you! The Mariposa Tulips were wonderful. I know how hard it is to keep a blog like this going, and I’m amazed by the volume of great posts you come up with. THANK YOU, and keep it going!


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