Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 9, 2011

Central Park Bird Watching

Birding In New York City

The New York Times just ran an article on bird watching in Central Park  Bird-Watchers in Central Park Flock to the Ramble –

Contrary to what many people think New York City can be a very rewarding place for bird-watchers.  Spring migration is the busiest time for birders in New York  when over 200 species go through the city  (check the Rhythms of Season  graph accompanying the article).

Central Park is also the scene of the popular memoir about birding  Red Tails in Love: A Wildlife Drama in Central Park by Marie Winn.

The New York Times is currently running a Bird Week with a series of articles on birding:

 The  Times also has a live feed of a Red Tail Hawk on a nest with hatchlings: NYT Hawk Cam Live

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