Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 12, 2011

Natural History Wanderings Is One Year Old Today

February 12 is the one year anniversary of Natural History Wanderings.  One year ago today I posted my first entry: Regional Parks Botanic Garden at Tilden Park.  Since that time there have been over 440 postings, over 41,000 page views, several thousand syndicated views (views via RSS feeds) and followers and subscribers through RSS, email subscriptions and WordPress. Readers include wildflower followers, birders, nature photographers, hikers, and people just looking to enjoy or learn about nature or the environment. Natural History Wanderings continues to evolve as I explore, learn about and experience different aspects of nature.  My goal continues to be sharing information, resources  and experiences about natural history including what I see, read, and learn as well as what readers share.  I have created fall foliage and birding sections in addition to the wildflower section (What’s Blooming Where).

Coming Attractions: In the upcoming months I plan to publish a posting on links to plant lists for wildflower areas and trails throughout California.  I also plan to publish a list of plant floras and wildflower guides for California.  Both these lists will become a permanent part of the wildflower page and be updated as I become aware of other links and books.  I am also working on new postings on the North Coast Redwood Parks and Pinnacles National Monument as well as updated  and expanded postings on California Waterfalls and Point Reyes.

Reader participation  is most welcomedFeel free to make comments with suggestions, additions, questions, and corrections.  Please submit what you find in your wanderings and I will be glad to share it with other readers: Submitting Your Wanderings

Follow Natural History Wanderings via RSS feed or email Subscription. Links to both are in the right hand column.

Thanks to all  for looking at my blog.  Whether this is your first view or you are a regular follower of Natural History Wanderings  knowing that so many people are interested in what I have written is a real incentive  to continue to produce Natural History Wanderings.

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  1. Congratulations! You’ve got a great resource here, and it looks like it’s just going to get better.
    –Tom Hilton


  2. Congratulations, Sandy! It is a terrific resource.

    Rob Sheppard


  3. Congrats, Sandy! I look forward every day to your greeting, and will hope to run into
    you soon with binoculars and hand lens and your camera.
    Judy Keene


    • Tom, Rob, Judy
      Thanks for your continued encouragement and support.


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