Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 14, 2010

European Wildlife Photographer of Year Announced

The Society of German Nature Photographers (Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen e.V. – GDT)  announces the winners of this year’s European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010. To see the winners and top contenders work go to:

“The GDT set itself the task, to produce photographical appealing, convincing and bioligical irrefutable nature photos under the compliance with the prevailling laws and to distribute them to the public by exhibitions, books, photo magazines, catalogues and lectures. That way the GDT wants to contribute to a better understanding of the nature and to advertise for her protection. For GDT members the respect for nature is the most important rule at their photographical work.”

“Every year the GDT organizes the huge “International Nature Photography Festival” with slide shows by photographers from all over the world, with photo exhibitions and seminars on latest subjects of the nature photography. During the festival an unique photo market presents innovations of the film and equipment market, customized designs, numerous accessories, books and travels about nature photography. Above that, every year the GDT organizes an internal photo contest “GDT – Nature Photographer of the Year” as well as an open contest “European Wildlife Photographer of the Year“.”

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