Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 21, 2010

How the Yurok plan to bring back the Condor

A Californian Condor in flight, photographed i...

Image via Wikipedia

The last California Condor in the northernmost part of California was probably killed in the 1890’s.  Condors traditionally have played a major part in Yurok culture including stories and dances.

Biologists working with the Yurok are studying habitat conditions and threats.  These include wind patterns, food supplies, pesticides and contamination from lead ammunition.  They hope to find the best possible conditions in Northern California near the Yurok  along the Klamath River to reintroduce the condor.

The Condor population has increased from 27 in 1987 to 384 today (188 in the wild, the rest are in captivity).

To read more see the Yurok tribe helps bring back California condor (

California Condor range map

Map of current condor populations-Image via Wikipedia

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