Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 3, 2010

Table Mountain Wildflower Report

I was at Table Mountain today; it is very flowery.  Lots of Lupine, Goldfields, Popcorn,  and Poppies.  Both good displays and many species in bloom.  However, some plants are a little beaten up from the weather.  It is quite damp in places and the bloom should continue as more rain is predicted.  Some of the other species seen today were Blue Dicks, Johnny Tuck, Sandwort, Purple Owl’s Clover, Glassy Wild Hyacinth, Table Mountain Meadowfoam, Dwarf Stonecrop, Oakwood Violet, Biscuit Root, Seep Monkey-flower, Yellow Carpet, Sky Lupine, Volcanic Onion, Cowboy Clover, White-tipped Clover, Bitter-root (Lewesia rediviva), Fiddlenecks, Spreading Larkspur, Kellogg’s Monkey-flower, Buttercups, Dark-stained Prettyface, Valley Tassels, California Pipevine, Woodland Star (pink and White varieties), and Woody Mountain Jewel Flower.  Most common names taken from Wildflowers of Table Mountain.

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Table Mountain is located north of Oroville on Cherokee Rd.  Table Mountain is a 3200 acre parcel owned by the state of California and is managed as a wildlife preserve by the Department of Fish and Game. Park in the large gravel parking lot on the west side of Cherokee Rd. and not by the side of the road. It is bordered by private lands that are indicated by yellow signage.  Please respect the private property and stay on public lands.  Phantom Falls is on private land but can be approached and viewed staying on public lands.  Please be careful to not trample or damage flowers.  Also be aware that this is rattlesnake country. Wildflower season is usually between late March to Mid-May.

Information on Table Mountain:

Oroville Chamber of Commerce 916-533-2542 or 800-655-4653 (call for current bloom)

Wildflowers of Table Mountain by Samantha Mackey and Albin Bills (most informative)

Wildflower Walks and Roads of Sierra Gold Country by Toni Fauver


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