Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 10, 2020

Now’s a Great Time to Become a Backyard Naturalist

The Revelator writes about how nature is good for our health and how to use it safely and locally to improve our well being

And during stressful times, it can be a lifeline.“I’ve become convinced that even in the background — green space, biodiversity, birdsong — access to nature is crucial for good population health,” Lucy Jones, author of the new book Losing Eden: Why Our Minds Need the Wild, told Huck Magazine. “And it’s not a luxury, an add-on or a frill: It’s central to our humanity and our sanity.”

You don’t need to flock to dangerously overcrowded national parks to do this. Experts say you can find nature where you are already — whether that’s your backyard, a window box, or whatever sliver of wild is within reach. For many people, including kids, that may begin with learning what kind of nonhuman neighbors they have.

Read more Now’s a Great Time to Become a Backyard Naturalist — Here’s How • The Revelator

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