Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 9, 2018

Eastern National Forest Fall Colors 11/9/18

Eastern Regional National Forests have the following fall color reports


Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie

A few pops of color can still be seen on the prairie, including the crimson-colored rosehips of the Pasture Rose, or blue and purple from the last of the blooming asters. The grasses have all turned their autumn shades of brown.

The 2018 public tour season at Midewin ended with a “Prairie Farmer Tour” led by Midewin Archaeologist Joe Wheeler. The 2019 Winter Lecture Series will be announced soon, check our Programs and Events page on our website for any updates.


Hoosier National Forest

We are still at the peak of our fall colors. A visitor would see oaks, maples, hickories, sycamores, poplars all shades of yellow, red, orange, brown, purple, and green. This week is predicted to be clear and cool, perfect weather for hike through the amazing colors.


Mark Twain National Forest

On the Mark Twain, peak fall colors have coincided with rainy weather, so the leaves are quickly falling off many of the trees.  This has left some individual trees with leaves remaining looking very striking in the open backdrop.  One great way to see the open vistas and fall colors is to explore our scenic byways, listed on our website here:


Wayne National Forest

Tecumseh Lake, all dressed up in gold. A new trail encircles the lake, beckoning visitors to enjoy the fall colors. The Tecumseh Lake Loop is ADA-accessible, so strollers and wheelchairs are no problem! Photo courtesy of our partners at the Buckeye Trail Association, who collaborated with the Wayne National Forest to build the new trail.


Allegheny National Forest

The leaves are falling off trees in the forest from the high winds and lots of rain. The Allegheny National Forest reached its peak color last week and now trees are bare. Forecast is showing snow this weekend, so long Fall Season until next year.

As always when visiting your national forests, safety first and know before you go!


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