Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 17, 2018

Marin & Sonoma Counties Wildflowers 5/17/18

The Marin CNPS Facebook page has a  new postings of wildflowers in bloom at

  • Sonoma Regional Park near Glen Ellen: At first I saw only weeds like milk thistle on somewhat bare, burnt ground. Then I came to an area filled with C. luteus and another hillside covered in probably hundreds of purple Delphiniums, unfortunately they were still competing with the European grasses that had also rebounded. Other flowers were Linanthus (baby stars), Triphysaria (butter and eggs) and B.elegans (almost sure) – harvest brodiaea. Also  mallow
  • species seen on Mt. Burdell Open Space Preserve in Marin yesterday.
  • Taylor Mt. Regional Park, near Santa Rosa, has a very good display of flowers on the Todd Creek Trail. I saw a number of Triteleia/Brodiaea: laxa (lots), hyacinthina, harvest (elegans or coronaria) also some blue dicks, goldfields and a few other species. Sorry, no photos – I left my camera in the car as the wind was blowing hard. I came to see fire flowers and this area had not burned so I moved on. Staff told me that Annadel has good flowers around the lake, but suggested Sonoma Regional Park near Glen Ellen.

See these postings, photos  and others at Marin Native Plants Public Group | Facebook


  1. Sandy,
    For great wildflowers especially in Fire areas where the blooms are unusually dense, Sugarloaf State Park is my recommendation.
    My last visit was over a week ago but it’s probably still worth a visit.
    Yes, the grasses are very tall and almost overwhelming but you can find clear areas that are populated with hundreds of fairy lanterns, blue eyed grass, irises, vetch, clarkia, lupine, poppies, checkerbloom; the grass is also very colorful und hypnotically beautiful.
    Also, there are healthy gardens of flowers completely enclosed beneath the fields of grasses, perhaps enough sun is getting in to the blooms because the grass is so tall (5+feet in some places)?
    Thank you for all the work you do to keep up to date info available covering so much territory. It is a valuable tool in my photography and I appreciate your efforts.


    • Thanks for the report. Has been reposted on the main page.


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