Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 22, 2010

How Vultures Provide Community Service

Turkey Vulture in Miami, Florida, USA.

Image via Wikipedia

Ever wonder why we don’t find more dead animals in the forest or along the roads?

It is due to Turkey Vultures, who are the clean-up crew of our environment.  They remove carrion from the roads and dead animals from the forest.   They are not hunters but gatherers. They have:

  • a very powerful sense of smell and can smell dead animals from hundreds of feet away
  • have powerful eyesight
  • powerful digestive systems that enable them to digest old even rotting meat
  • a featherless head that lets them get in animal cavities
  • a diet that is primarily carrion

To read more see the Lake County Bee on Turkey Vultures

CSI: Germany-The Sniffer Vulture

German police have trained a Turkish Vulture to find bodies.  The project has been named Sherlock.  The bird has been trained to find dead bodies and can do it faster than sniffer dogs.
For more:  Forget Dogs – Sniffing Vultures Are Taking Over the Hunt

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  1. You’re right Sandy, I walked 26 miles of wilderness coastline and saw every kind of dead animal from sharks to sea lions and the vultures were cleaning up the place.


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