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Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 18, 2012

Rocky Mt. Fall Color Continues 9/18/12

Fall Color is definitely increasing in the Rockies.Go to Rocky Mt. Nature Photographers Fall Color  to see photos and all reports Here are a few recent reports from the forum:

9/18/12 Just back from 11,000+ feet in the Wets–some great color now along 165, whole are should be peaking in about a week

9/18/12 Twin Lakes yesterday and the aspen have change 60-70%. A lot of really nice areas up high on the surrounding peaks. Still a ways to go down by the lakes yet for most. Lots of nice ones up around the forebay and below Mt. Elbert, too. I drove up Cottonwood Pass this morning. Lots of excellent aspen around Cottonwoood Lake. DO NOT GO to Crested Butte over Cottonwood Pass. They are working on the road along Taylor Creek and it is an UNHOLY MESS

9/17/12 I spent the day in the Cripple Creek/Victor area, on Hwy 67 and Teller 1. No where near peak (30-50% right now). Some nice pockets of color, but if you want some nice broad swaths of color (especially on the west flank of Pikes Peak), it’ll be about a week.

9/17/12 Red Mountain Pass is GREAT right now! At or near peak. Brilliant colors.

9/17/12 Although not a top spot, Peak to Peak near Nederland is peaking.

9/17/12 Went up to Bear Lake and this morning (9/17) and it was indeed looking very good.Went up to Bear Lake and this morning (9/17) and it was indeed looking very good.

9/16/12 McClure and Kebler Passes are at least a week away. Some good colors near the top of Kebler right now, but the huge aspen fields lower down below Beckwith and Marcellina are still mostly green. Ohio Pass is looking good right now… very orangey.

Also, just from what I could see driving by, the west side of Owl Creek Pass near Ridgway is about the same – mostly green, some yellow starting to show but just the beginning.

9/16/12 Red Mountain and Silverton areas are pretty good right now. There are still patches of green that are beginning to turn, but most of the aspen stands have turned and are even beginning to drop leaves.

Go to Rocky Mt. Nature Photographers Fall Color to see more photos, links and more reports.

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  1. [...] Rocky Mt. Fall Color Continues 9/18/12 (naturalhistorywanderings.com) [...]

  2. [...] Rocky Mt. Fall Color Continues 9/18/12 (naturalhistorywanderings.com) [...]

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